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Clare Long/Claritydressage

"Specializing in Sales"

Representing: nearly 100 horses at many prestigious, reputable and successful farms and facilities; including but certainly not limited to: Hawkwood Hill Farms, Hedgerow Farms, W2 Holsteiners, WinterStar Farms, Woodmyst Farms, and Airdance Farms.

Available and Offering: yearlings to broodmares, performance youngsters to Grand Prix competitors and the disciplines of dressage, jumper, eventing, hunter, breeding, pleasure, companion and trail.

Priced: "free to a good home" to $100,000...and everything in between.

Experience, Background and Education: Clare has been awarded her USDF Silver medal, has competed successfully through Prix St. Georges, and has 37 years in the business of instruction, competition, training and sales. Clare can help you through the purchasing process...connecting you to the right horses, the right people, and the right horse places...AT NO COST TO YOU!

For more details, photos and videos...please go to or contact Clare on her cell at: (707)338-2092.

"You have nothing to lose...and your dream horse to gain."

Sales Horse Videos can be Found on YouTube:
search word:claritydressage, The Claritydressage Channel  

Please feel free to contact Clare if you would like help selling a horse or if you are looking to purchase one.Clare is constantly adding new Sale Horse Prospects to her available group of sale horses, as well as removing or marking as 'Sold!' those that have found their next wonderful home. Therefore, the horses on this sale page are not indicative of the total amount of the horses Clare represents and/or offers for sale. Please contact Clare for an updated and current sales list.

Clare Long/Claritydressage
Cell phone #: (707)338-2092
YouTube: The Claritydressage Channel


The prettiest of all!

Yearling (born March 22nd, 2010), 15.3hh, chocolate bay with a star, Dutch WB gelding. Full brother to "Little Al", but already taller! Dam is the super Dutch WB mare "Lizzy", who had a very successful Hunter career with Lucy Stewart and Nicoletta VonHeideger (who she was Pacific Coast year end Junior Champion with); sire is the hunter Thoroughbred stallion "Alan", chosen for the Hunter world and rescued off the track by Lucy Stewart of Fox Creek Farm. Two half siblings of "Tardy" have been trained and shown by Lucy Stewart, who says that they can both "jump the barn". Nonny Largent, of Largent Quarter Horses, says that "Tardy", like his big brother "Little Al", is the 'consummate' hunter type. Nonny ( who is a well known judge, trainer and breeder, as well as being the coach for the Chico State Equestrian Team), says that not only is "Tardy" the 'consummate' Hunter type, and 'super elegant', but that he could go right now and win a Hunter Conformation class. Gorgeous, spectacular neck, super refined. "Tardy", like all his siblings, is really quiet and good minded. He has been raised right, meaning, growing up in pasture with other youngsters his own age to 'play, rough and tumble with', but also regularly handled by humans. He is very trainable, tractable, and people oriented. Definitely a 'pocket pony' temperament. Should grow up to excel in the hunter, equitation, medals world. Currently asking $10,000, but the price will increase (lots) as his training develops , so...get him while he's still affordable! Contact Clare at: (all the contact info. is on the contact page).

Little Al

Bay Beauty!

2 year old, 15.2hh, chocolate bay Dutch WB gelding. Dam is the super Dutch WB mare "Lizzy", who had a very successful Hunter career with Lucy Stewart and Nicoletta VonHeideger (who she was Pacific Coast year end Junior Champion with); sire is the hunter Thoroughbred stallion "Alan", chosen for the Hunter world and rescued off the track by Lucy Stewart of Fox Creek Farm. Two half siblings of "Little Al" have been trained and shown by Lucy Stewart, who says that they can both "jump the barn". Nonny Largent, of Largent Quarter Horses, says that "Little Al" is the 'consummate' hunter type. Gorgeous! He has the modern warmblood refinement, a beautiful, correct conformation, and a big, pretty eye. He has been raised with, and in the same positive way, as his half brother "Blue Max". Pasture living, lots of handling. Already ponies, ties straight on, clips, hauls, and has been sat on and ponied about in western tack. No problems with any of this, at all. No buck, no rear, no bolt. Very trainable, very tractable, very friendly and human oriented. Both "Blue Max" and "Little Al" want to be 'pocket ponies', and have a healthy competitive drive for their human's attention and affection. "Little Al" seems like he will be well suited for the hunter, equitation, or medals jumping world. His movement is fluid, soft and horizontal. And, like "Blue Max", he has a wonderful temperament for an Adult/Amateur or Junior rider. Offered currently at $8,500, but the price will certainly increase as his training does. Contact information on the contact page of:

Blue Max

A giant, blue, performance sweetie!

2 year old, 16.2hh! (equals huge!), steele gray (but doesn't he look blue?!?) Oldenburg gelding. Sire is a hunter Thoroughbred named "Alan", who was selected for the Hunter world and rescued from the racetrack by Lucy Stewart of Fox Creek Farm; dam is a registered and branded Oldenburg / ISR mare named "Precious Moments", who is by "Picard", and out of "Paragon", who is sired by "Prinz Gaylord", (equals jumping lines, all the way around!). Max is really quiet and good minded. He has been raised right, meaning, growing up in pasture with other youngsters his own age to 'play, rough and tumble with', but also regularly handled by humans. As far as handling is concerned, Max is way ahead of the game. His owner is a QH breeder and trainer, therefore he has been raised Western. The beauty of that is that at the age of 2 he already ponies, leads, ties straight on for periods of time (great for being tied to the trailer at horse shows!), bathes, clips, hauls. He has been properly 'sacked out' in a western saddle and bridle, and has even been ponied around with someone on his back! (See sweet photos). No problem, with any of the above. Max is easy going, sweet, and cooperative. He has never offered to buck, rear or bolt, and will obviously be very trainable and tractable. Max is the perfect youngster for someone who needs a big horse (in bone and height), for the dressage, companion or jumper world. He will be perfect for an Adult Amateur or Jr/ Yr who needs and desires a safe, quiet, solid citizen, who also has the breeding and movement for the performance horse world (as well as for trails, hacking, and just plain enjoying as a riding partner, companion and best friend). This boy will be pricey as his training increases, so get him while he's still affordable! Max will have this winter to bond with you and to turn 3, and then he'll be ready to start under saddle. $7,500 negotiable to the right home. For more details, photos and videos, please go to the contact page of:


Wonderful, ladies mount mini model!

7 year old, 15.2hh, bay Oldenburg mare. Branded Oldenburg. Sire is the super Rainbow Equus Farm's stallion "Pablito". Dam is the lovely and talented performance Thoroughbred "Beauty". Bred and raised in California, Pizzaz is the modern type of warmblood: refined, fancy, and sensitive, with an excellent conformation. Pizzaz is very smooth, easy to sit on, and soft in the bridle, but can be a little 'hot around the edges' in her temperment. She was started late for all the right reasons: her owner was waiting for her body to mature before adding a rider to her back. Therefore, although she is 7, she is quite green: going walk, trot and canter, and learning to go on the bit. Because of this delayed beginning to her performance career, Pizzaz will be offered at a sacrifice price, to the right home of course. She shows great aptitude for the H/J, Equitation, Medals world, for an A/A or Yr/Jr. Feel free to call or email Clare for more details: (707)338-2092/



Fantastic movement in a manageable package!

8 year old, 15.2hh, gray Oldenburg mare. Branded Oldenburg. Sire is the legendary "Furst Gotthard". Dam is the lovely and talented performance Thoroughbred "Beauty", making Filagree a half sister to Pizzaz. Filagree is an excellent mover, with a phenomenal trot! She is very smart, mellow, calm and fearless, making her a great candidate for eventing, while the expressive movement will suit her well in the dressage arena. Just the right amount of bone gives Filagree substance, with refinement. Lots of suspension and lift to her gaits, and she is very easy to collect and elevate. Like her half sister Pizzaz , she was started late for all the right reasons: her owner was waiting for her body to mature before adding a rider to her back. Therefore, although she is 8, she is quite green: going walk, trot and canter, learning to go consistantly on the bit. Because of this delayed beginning to her performance career, Pizzaz will be offered at a sacrifice price, to the right home of course. Feel free to call or email Clare for more details: (707)338-2092/


Croc - Not Currently Available

16.1hh; 9 year old; blood bay with a blaze and 3 white socks; Holsteiner gelding.  Sire is the amazing Holsteiner stallion "Chanson de Kabaret"; out of the wonderful Holsteiner mare "Ille".  Bred by Wendy Webster of W2 Holsteiners; branded Holsteiner. Very handsome and masculine but with refinement;  exceptionally beautiful head, neck and conformation.  Super naturally uphill, free in the shoulder, engaged from behind and balanced. Three excellent gaits; built athletically to perform.  Successfully shown Jumpers 1.00m-1.15m level in Northern and Southern California.  Excels in the quick, tight turn jump offs. Recently sucessfully to 1.20m. Very careful and clean jumper.  Has also excelled in and competed up to the Preliminary level in Eventing.  Schooled Third level dressage; with some 4th level movements.  Very adjustable and supple.  Has his changes; lateral work; working canter pirouettes.  Very sweet and sensitive, responsive and focused.  Definitely a 'Ferrari' to sit on!  Totally sound; great feet; clean radiographs.  Asking: $55,000.

croc Horse for Sale  

Proudly offered for sale from Hawkwood Hill Stables:

A fantastic opportunity to own a horse with great breeding; a great temperament; and great potential...for a great price.  
Patricia Klaus of the beautiful Hawkwood Hill Farms located in Petaluma, California, is currently making available a variety of youngsters for purchase.
Her lovely horses range from yearling to 5 years old: wonderful ladies' mount size, elegant and refined, modern type.  An impressive mixture of Holsteiner, Hannoverian, Oldenburg and Dutch bloodlines.  Charming and sweet  minds and movement; all very people-oriented.  Super conformations.  Bred for dressage and jumpers...but suitable for eventing and pleasure companions as well.  Steel grey and bright chestnut; liver chestnut and bay.  Mares, colts and geldings.  All green: unstarted or just started under saddle; going walk, trot and canter; round pen and arena.  Each has been allowed to develop slowly and properly, without being rushed or pressured.  Take advantage of this excellent opportunity and pick your 'flower from the bouquet'.  Priced from $1,500 to $25,000; but prices will increase as horses mature and training progresses.  For more details, photos and videos, please contact Clare on her cell at: (707)338-2092.

Horses For Sale Horses For Sale Horses For Sale
"Dominga"- 5 year old; 16hh; bright chestnut; registered Hannoverian mare. "Electra"- 5 year old; 16hh; dark bay Holsteiner mare; registered Dutch warmblood. "Savannah" - 4 year old; 16.2hh; bright chestnut Oldenburg mare.
Horses For Sale Horses For Sale Horses For Sale
"Rachel"- 3 year old; 15.3hh; steel grey; Holsteiner/Oldenburg mare. "Bondstreet"- 4 year old: 15.3hh; bay Dutch warmblood gelding. "Richie" - 2 year old; 16.1hh; light chestnut with a flaxen mane and tail; Oldenburg gelding.
Horses For Sale Horses For Sale Horses For Sale
"Richie" - 2 year old; 16.1hh; light chestnut with a flaxen mane and tail; Oldenburg gelding. "Elysha"- yearling; 16hh; liver chestnut Holsteiner colt. "Richie" & "Elysha"
Horses For Sale Horses For Sale Horses For Sale
"Richie" & "Elysha" "Richie" & "Elysha" "Cosmo"- 4 year old; 16.2hh; bay Holsteiner gelding.
Horses For Sale Horses For Sale Horses For Sale
"Tank"- 2 year old; 15.2hh; sandy bay Dutch Warmblood gelding. "Tank"- 2 year old; 15.2hh; sandy bay Dutch Warmblood gelding. "Georgina"- 12 year old; 16.3hh; dark bay with pretty blaze and 2 hind socks Westfalan mare.

Proudly offered for sale from Hedgerow Farms:

For over 20 years, Hedgerow Farms has been breeding athletic and competitive Sporthorses. Located at the western edge of the Sacramento Valley, there farm is located on 40 acres of irrigated pastures, with stall barns and a large covered riding arena. Hedgerow breeds primarily to Hannoverian stallions both domestically and from Europe. Their broodmares are available for lease as well as young horses and horses under saddle for sale at all times. They are wonderful riding horses and carefully bred for temperment and talent in their specific discipline. Hedgerow's mares are imported and domestically bred and registered with the Hannoverian, Oldenburg, ISR North America and Thoroughbred registries.

Many of our horses have competed in breeding, dressage, hunter/jumper and eventing competitions.

Below are a sample of currently available individuals at Hedgerow Farms. Please contact Clare for a complete sales list of these exemplary sporthorses.


Sire: Diamont
Dam: Shiloh
2001, 16.0 hand, chestnut ISR mare. Divinity is a charming, sweet mare with a super disposition and lovely gaits. She has the capacity to excel in either the hunter ring or in the dressage ring. She is extremely easy to ride and learns quickly making her an ideal horse for an amateur or junior. She is super over fences with great form and ability. She is schooled through first level and she knows her lead changes. Great and safe on the trail. $8,500

Divinity chestnut mare Divinity


Sire: Donnerschlag
Dam: Ballone by Bolero
2004, chestnut Hannoverian filly. She scored a 7.0 at her Hannoverian mare inspection, with an 8 on gaits; giving her Elite Mare Eligibility. She is extremely easy to ride and perfect for the petite amateur or young rider. $25,000

domenikova hanonoverian filly Domenikova


Sire: Pablito
Dam: Prinsta Bay by Prinze Gaylord
2006, dark bay Oldenburg gelding. Paco showed us his incredible jumping talent at the very tender age of three weeks. He will truly be a show stopper with his flashy markings and his stellar movement. He has a warm and gentle personality and loves attention. $15,000

paquito oldenburg gelding Paquito


Sire: Wallstreet Kid
Dam: Delta by Diamont
2001, 16.2 hand, bay Oldenburg mare. Windy is beautiful, athletic mare with three uphill, balanced, elegant gaits. She is a lovely jumper and is very comfortable to ride. Her easy-going disposition makes her a joy to work with and uncomplicated to train. She has extensive successful show experience and is currently competing levels 2 through 4 in the jumper ring. She has loads of talent, is fast and careful. There is nothing holding this horse back. Her presence will turn heads in any show ring. $30,000.

windfall oldenburg mare Windfall


Extraordinary colt ...there is absolutely nothing like him out there on the market ...anywhere.

Enormous; huge bone; gorgeous, super refined head; amazing flash and bling!!!  Chestnut with 4 WHITE STOCKINGS ABOVE THE KNEE AND HOCK; wide blaze...that does not affect either of his beautiful eyes!  Quiet; sweet; wonderful temperament.  Very people oriented and friendly.  Primo conformation.  Sire is the fabulous Hunter stallion "Redwine"; dam is the glorious and extremely successful Oldenburg mare "Grand Affair."  Bred by Jill Burnell of Gray Fox Farm; purchased Interco by his owner Kirsten Strain.  All of Redwine's foals are gorgeous...but this one is stupendous!  Outrageous!  He will be the best thing out there...and is destined to make a huge splash.  $20,000 Non Negotiable.  Price will obviously increase as he matures.  This colt is going to be worth his weight in get him while he's still affordable!

boots colt  boots colt  rainboots colt


Glorious - SOLD

A shining example of an impeccably bred Hannoverian; and a once-in-a-lifetime dream girl!

Perfect age at 7 years old; perfect ladies mount size at 16'2"h; elegant and refined; a chocolate dun bay with no white markings makes her especially striking. Beautifully bred by Rainbow Equus Meadows.  Sire is the magnificent "Grandom" out of the Hannoverian Mare "Kappuccino"; by the legendary "Kalypso." Branded US Hannoverian. Exemplary conformation, gorgeous head, neck and eye; seamlessly put together; great feet and tail (what REALLY matters of course!)  Good, fluid 4 beat walk; fantastic, big, elastic trot with lots of natural engagement and hock. Big mediums and extensions.  Marvelous canter. Excellent and easy lateral work; sensitive and responsive to the aids. Great walk to canter transitions; balanced counter canter and wonderfully smooth flying changes. Plenty of 'lift' for the piaffe, passage, and canter pirouettes. Feels fabulous under saddle; easy to sit on; smooth and super comfortable gaits; big movement but holds the rider in position; AN ABSOLUTE JOY TO RIDE!!!  I've been in the dressage world for a long time and this one is really special; I can't say enough good stuff about her (but you can tell that I'm trying)!  In my opinion, this mare is everything you could possibly want and more! A sweetheart of a personality; quiet and focused; forward and energetic; sensible, intelligent, charming and eager to please. Not in the least bit 'marish'. One wonderful owner her whole life; has always been in loving, professional training.  Totally clean legs; no blemishes; has never had any soundness problems; has never required or received any supplemental care.  Travels easily (has done the Arizona show circuit); "Glorious" is coming from the H/J world and is destined to be a dressage princess. Priced at $55,000; but the price will increase as her training progresses.

Glorious - Dressage Horse for Sale Glory hannoverian glory hanoverian
glory hanoverian glory hanoverian glory hanoverian
glory hanoverian glory hanoverian glory hanoverian

Mason SOLD

"Winning at the shows...great. Learning all the movements through Grand Prix...wonderful. Keeping yourself or your child safe...PRICELESS."

"Mason" is not only fancy enough to get 7's and 8's in competition on all the hard stuff...but safe; not only REGIONAL CHAMPION at PRIX ST. GEORGES in 2009 with a Jr/Yr...but so sweet. He's a dream to travel, to show, to handle in the barn and under saddle. He is totally and completely sound...physically, mentally and emotionally. You would never know he was 16. More like 10. In his prime...but totally trained. You position full canter pirouette...and it is there...not only there...but expressive and correct. His shoulder-in is beautiful, as are his simple changes. He has awesome 1/2 passes...trot and canter...and his flying changes are auto...from just the seat. Splendid trot & canter mediums & extensions as well. Easy and correct 1/2 steps and piaffe, has all his tempis, including the 1's. Mason is forward, sensitive,expressive, and very correct & competitive in all his gaits and movements. No supplimental care given or needed! He is charming, loving, and well as classically beautiful. Big, gorgeous eye. And spectacular tail! 16.1hh; copper chestnut, imported & branded German Hannoverian. He is everything you could possibly want in a Grand Prix Schoolmaster, and perfect for the Professional, Adult Amateur, Junior or Young Rider. He will take care of you...and show you off. Offered at $50,000.00. Current videos available. For more information, please contact Clare on her cell at: (707)338-2092, or by email at:

Tealwood Tealwood Tealwood

Mason mason mason
mason mason mason
mason mason mason
mason mason mason

Bella SOLD

"Gold Coast Leaguer"

2002, 16hh, Buckskin AQHA mare. Bella's sire is"Gold Coast Approval", and her dam is "Shes Leagues Ahead". Both come from phenomenal, Multi Champion, legendary bloodlines, including: "Zan Gold Jack" (World Champion), "Approval" (World Champion), "Quincy Feature" (World Champion), Leaguers Sandman" (World Show Qualifier), and "Im A Big Leaguer" (Hall Of Fame). "Bella" did have a buckskin filly four years ago, so she is also a proven color producer (Yeh!). She is a nice mover; and a super scopey jumper. She is happy to go English or Western, and is still brushing up on the basics of both. She has been shown in Halter. Bella would be excellent for the junior or adult amateur that wants an all around nice riding horse. Bella is very brave and sensible. Clare used her in May, 2011, for a professional photo shoot for Banana Republic's Fall fashion line. Bella was happy to spend 2 full days, and to be photographed with, 6 incredibly beautiful models, at a spectacular winery in Healdsburg. Bella was a super star model at the shoot, in her own right. She was not afraid of: cars and trucks zipping by; generators roaring; tents full of blowing clothing and food; terrifying, 'horse eating', special photography props; screens and equipment; having to walk through the woods, and around the property; and being handled by a few people who had never handled a horse in their lives. 'Heads up' for seeing Bella in her fashion photo premiere in the Banana Republic Fall Catalog, 2011. What a beauty! She certainly gave those professional models a 'run for their money', they had to try hard not to be upstaged by her radiance! (Actually, in my opinion, they were all equally gorgeous, the 2 and the 4 legged kind). Because of Bella's exemplary behavior at this photo shoot, I think she would make an excellent competition, trail, or maybe even parade horse. Offered at a sacrifice price. For more information, details, or Clare's cell at: (707)338-2092 or

bella buckskin mare bella buckskin mare bella buckskin mare

bella buckskin mare bella buckskin mare bella buckskin mare


16.0hh; 8 year old; bright bay with four white socks and a pretty blaze; Hannoverian mare. Sire is the renowned Hannoverian stallion "Laptop"; dam is the Hannoverian mare"Gigi"; by the amazing Hannoverian stallion "Gonzo". Bred by Hedgerow Farms of Winters, California; branded US Hannoverian. Very pretty, refined, sweet, flashy mare with lots of bling. Has successfully competed with Mattais Ekeroth in 2010 at Sonoma Horse Park; was Reserve Champion at .85 meter. Still green but will excel up through the Jumper divisions.Super light in the bridle (works nicely in a rubber jointed snaffle or a rubber two ring); very supple laterally and longitudinally; nice, steady and ground covering canter; quite adjustable in her stride. Goes into a frame easily and is progressing beautifully under the guidance of Morgan Gutzman. Offered at $25,000. Negotiable to the right home.

Tealwood Tealwood Tealwood 



A delightful 2 year old bay filly with the sparkle of 4 white socks and a blaze. By the fabulous Hannoverian stallion "Redwine," out of a wonderful Holsteiner mare. Incredibly sweet, charming, affectionate & beautiful. Lovely mover; 3 excellent gaits; plenty of suspension & impulsion.

Gorgeous head & conformation; very flashy & eye catching; lots of ' bling '.  Has been handled since birth so she is very personable, well adjusted, friendly & loved.  Riviera is comfortable wearing a saddle & bridle; being longed or free schooled; being clipped; feet trimmed; mane pulled; & is great to trailer; load & unload.  Will have a stellar future as a performance horse ( Hunter, Jumper, Eventing or Dressage ) for anyone who wants a well bred, athletic & good minded youngster with tons of potential.  Get her while she's still affordable at: $20,000.

Tealwood Tealwood Tealwood


Quantum - SOLD

A Rose Gray Baroque Beauty!

17.1hh; 13 year old; rose gray Andalusian gelding. Grandsire is the renowned stallion "Cielo". Bred in America. Very cute, sweet, safe, personable; easy-going guy. Super comfortable, smooth gaits. I started him under saddle as a 3 year old and he couldn't have been easier. NEVER any bucking, rearing, bolting or biting. It's simply NOT in his vocabulary ...never has been ...never will be. Currently, he hadn't been ridden in over a year and the owner just climbed right on. Great on trails; has schooled training and first level dressage. Lives happily in pasture; and is barefoot. Perfect for someone who wants a really fun horse to enjoy and ride. Quantum will definitely be your new best friend and companion. Owner is looking for a full lease situation; offering a great opportunity for you to have a wonderful horse without having to purchase one.

Quantum - Dressage Horse for Sale Quantum - Dressage Horse for Sale  Quantum - Dressage Horse for Sale


16.0hh; 5 year old; dark bay with a small white star and 3 white socks; Hannoverian gelding.  Sire is the spectacular Grand Prix dressage Hannoverian stallion "Weltissimo"; by "Welt Hit II"; by the legendary "Weltmeyer".  Dam is the Oldenburg mare "Bonay"; by the fabulous Selle Francais stallion "Bonjour".  Bred by Patrcia Klaus of Hawkwood Hill; branded Oldenburg.  Very attractive; sweet and cute; 3 good gaits; short coupled and beautifully conformed.  Wonderful expression and attitude when working under saddle.  Super easy; super quiet; darned near bombproof and kid proof; easy to package and sit on.  Just one year under saddle.  Great on trails, super safe; great temperament.  Okay even with the owner's 2 Jack Russells on his back!  Perfect for a Junior rider or a more petite Adult Amateur.  Will make a wonderful lower level; all around nice horse.  Totally sound; clean legs; great feet.  Asking: $30,000.


Teal - SOLD

A gentle giant!  The perfect husband or gentleman's mount, or great for a taller or more ample woman.  Quiet and sweet, yet forward and energetic; not at all lazy and naturally in front of the leg!  1/2 Irish Draft, 1/2 Percheron, looks like a Cleveland Bay (bred to be field hunters). Registered and highly approved by the American Warmblood Society. 18 h, fully dappled mahogany bay with no white markings adds to his 'awesomeness'! 10 years old (old enough to know better, young enough to care!); huge feet to match his huge body; yet enough refinement to be a wonderful riding horse. Loving and affectionate; wonderful 'teddy bear' personality. Super safe; great on trails but bred in Indiana for dressage; has competed with Duncan Mcfarlan 3'9'' Jumpers and has done the Arizona show circuit so he travels well and easily. Very nice, big, flowing walk with a good overstep; good trot; fantastic, slow,steady,rhythmic and forward canter.  Great confidence builder for someone with a fear or uneasiness of the canter; "Teal" definitely will take care of and protect his rider.  Priced at $30,000.  


Wesley - SOLD

5 year old,  17' 1" hand, dappled chocolate bay Hannoverian gelding.  "Weltmeyer" grandson,  "Wonderful" son.  Branded Oldenburg.  Absolutely phenomenal youngster;  striking and flashy, a beauty with 4 white socks and a narrow blaze. Marvelous mover, completely natural rhythm, suspension, roundness, throughness and impulsion.  Practically puts himself on the bit; soft and supple in the bridle.  Lateral work is effortless.  Impressive and talented, definitely a Grand Prix prospect.  Schooling 1st and 2nd level.  Also super sweet over fences.  Amazing temperament; very positive, out-going, eager-to-please attitude; with a puppy-dog personality on the ground.  This is an extraordinary of the best I've seen!  A natural dressage star...on his way to stardom!  Perfect for the serious Adult Amateur, ambitious Young Rider, or Professional.  Get him for a great price and while he's still affordable at $45,000.  

Wesley - Dressage Horse for Sale  Wesley - Dressage Horse for Sale  Wesley - Dressage Horse for Sale

Luxury - SOLD

16.1h, gray, 16 year old, Iberian Warmblood gelding. Grand Prix schoolmaster! Awesome, push-button piaffe, passage, and canter pirouttes! Very fun to ride, super light and responsive, excellent lateral work and gaits. Great in a snaffle or double bridle. Totally sound with no supplemental care. Excellent attitude, loves to work and to please the rider. "Lux" had some trick training as well; rears on command at liberty, spanish walk, etc. Sire was Dominique Barbier's Lucitano stallion, "Dom Giovanni." Owner recently of out the hospital and regrettably must sell. Get an amazing horse for an amazing price. $22,500.


Luxury FEI Schoolmaster

Titan - SOLD

6 yr. old, 16.1H Friesian gelding. Titan was imported from Holland and was awarded Ster stallion status. Titan has it all: presence, talent, beauty and temperament. He is the modern performance type Friesian and is naturally forward and energetic without being intimidating. He has 3 big, expressive, fun to ride gaits. In 2004 Titan had an exceptional year in dressage competition, winning most of his classes with many high point awards and all of his scores in the high 60's and low 70's. He is currently first level and is schooling 2nd and 3rd level movements. Titan is easy around the barn, hauls beautifully and travels exceptionally well. He is an excellent competitor, both focused and exuberant about his work. This is that one in a million horse, well suited for a junior, amateur or professional rider who wants to progress up the levels on a horse that is both talented and extraordinarily fun to ride. $42,500.

(Photo Credit Ruth Lake Photography)

Rendezvous ("Ronnie") - SOLD

Beautiful Sensitive & Sweet Dutch Gray Gelding - 7 years old, 16.3H, NAKWPN, Foaled: 1998, Dutch Warmblood TB cross by Taxateur, gorgeous rose gray gelding. Both of his parents were successful dressage horses and eventers. A very personable and sweet horse who is always looking to please. Requires an intermediate to advanced rider/handler since he is a young, energetic sporthorse. He has excellent manners, is beautiful to look at and fun to ride. Clips, ties, baths, trailers, the whole works. Has scored well at Training Level dressage, schooled some First Level and has been ridden on trails. He has had some soft tissue problems. Owner's health and job commitments sadly force sale. Has always been in training.


6 y.o. 16'1 h dark bay 1/2 Hanoverian 1/2 SWB (branded Swedish) gelding. 3 excellent gaits! Very elegant, uphill and athletic. Lots of presence and personality. Solid Training Level, ready to move up. $20,000.



8 y.o. 16'1 h Chestnut TB gelding. Extremely uncomplicated, fun and easy to ride. Successfully competed "A" circuit hunters. Excellent ground manners. Very quiet and sweet. $20,000.


5 year old, 16'2 h black 1/2 Draft. 1/2 TB mare. Very Flashy! Get the substance of Draft plus the refinement of TB. Going well under saddle. Excellent performance or pleasure prospect. $5,000.



(707) 338 - 2092

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